Supercharger allows you to re-load your mobile devices. The bottles are portable, so you can use your mobile device wherever you want while.

Just connect the cables and ...that's it! When you finish using them, the bottles should be returned to the waiter in order to leave them at the base, being this the only place where the bottles can be recharged.

Supercharger has a built-in cable, with double output for micro-USB and current Apple devices (original), thus allowing to charge the vast majority of mobile devices in the market nowadays. Furthermore,an additional USB port allows more  functionality, because you can load all kind of devices, such as cameras, consoles, etc. with your own cable.

You can charge two mobile devices at the same time if you use the integrated cables (Android and iPhone, for example) or any other phone if you have your USB cable to use the micro-USB port provided for this purpose. You can not use both outputs (cables/micro USB) at once. When one of the outputs (cables/micro USB) is in use, the other one will be disabled automatically.

If it was requested to the bottle more current than normal, it will auto-protect indicating this circumstance by a blinking red light. In that case the bottle will try to solve the problem by itself. If after several seconds the indicator keeps blinking, you shall disconnect any of the mobile devices. Restored the problem, the light will be fixed again, indicating the battery status (Red-Orange-Green).

The picture below shows the color coding of the bottle:

Image title

If the bottle does not emit any light: It can be due to a fault in the electronics, usually due to a strong shock. In that case, you must send us the full bottle for repair though or service platform www.superchargerstore.eu.

It can take several hours, about ten if completely discharged.

It depends on several factors, mainly, the power demand. For example, for one iPhone, the bottle can give service for more than 7 hours if it is in good condition. If two mobile phones are connected simultaneously, the bottle may serve for more than two and a half hours.

Consumption will vary with use. If the bottles were used 24x7, the annual bill would be around 17 €. However, this will not happen under any circumstances, estimating that the impact on the annual energy bill will be about 6€.

The more frequent replacement due to intensive use are:

    - Cable for mobile (it is the same cable with two outputs);

    - Battery

Additionally, at "Other Parts" you can solve other problems:

     - If the problem is in the base station we will send a new one and withdraw the damaged one. This way, we guarantee that your Customers will have the service available when they go to your bar;

     - If the problem is found in a bottle, we'll collect it, then we'll assess the situation and try to solve the problem for the lowest possible cost.You may just want to put anew bottle cap or may be you want to do general maintenance to the bottle (cables, batteries, plastics, etc.).

The SAT will assist you through the web www.superchargerstore.eu or
emailing at sat@superchargerstore.eu.